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EPD Family

EPD family is a combination of vast variety of expertise, such as Managers,Analysts, Medical Doctors, Computer specialists, Programmers, Testers, etc. This diversity is one of EPD's strength for more customer satisfaction and developed software's quality.

Why Us?

The EPD company is one of the pioneers in the field of medical informatics and have participated in many big projects in the country. With our production and activities, we are are honored to make a small contribution to the empowerment of our country and take steps to improve the existing health care systems. In this way many honors and certificates by the relevant authorities as well as health centers has been gaining.

Potential Clients

With developing modular applications, EPD tries to cover a wide range of Healthcare community. So, the physician or the health center can tailor the application to its needs.
Being the developer and having the 100% of programs sources, EPD integrated its E-HIS and E-PACS in order to respond to some of its audiences' specific needs.


EPD's support team of technical experts is qualified and competent. 90% of the requests and errors of our customers are taken care of via Phone and Intranet. for the welfare of their customers in several provinces, The company also managed local support teams.

Recent Announcements

Our Services

With presenting and operating total solutions, EPD is trying to optimize the accuracy and speed of the healthcare system while reducing the errors and costs. Medical software, more than thousands of users around the country, is the main product of EPD. The company's services include counseling and supervision in the design, production, implementation, and optimization of health systems in the country are also noted.